There are no refunds.



If you need to cancel your booking please let us know within seven (7) days of the departure date, if you contact us after these seven days then any deposit you have paid will remain with Parkway Cars and you will not be able to use it forwards another journey either as a credit or a refund.

If for some reason you need to cancel your transfer  and you haven’t paid a deposit you MUST let us know within 7 working days of yours transfer. If you contact us within the 7 working day window ALL airport transfers and distance work carries an admin fee of £20. Cancellations will only be accepted via email and not by phone.

The flat rate admin fee of £20 applies to ALL airport transfers for any reason, excluding the plane not being able to fly for a major mechanical malfunction (eg engine failure/fire).

Payment can either be made via a credit/debit card, or via BACS transfer, and must be made within 5 working days. failure to pay may result in further charges been added to your account.


Deposits are 10% of the overall fare, sometimes a deposit will be requested, for example

  • if the journey is out of our operating area.
  • If the journey is over £100.
  • If the time you ring is 6 months before your departure date.

Please note that if you cancel you booking then the deposit will be lost, if you need to cancel please contact us on  01902 213424 within three days of your departing date,



Conditions on Carriage

We reserve the right not to pick up anyone who we feel is under the influence of drink/drugs and or any other medication that in affecting his/her mind or body.

If you are abuse to either the base operator and or the driver you will be removed from the vehicle and no refund will be given for the journey, no matter of the distance traveled.

Sometimes we do requested that the fare be paid before the journey starts, this is normal company policy. You will be told this while you are making your booking, or if the location isnt picking up or dropping off at an house address.

Any alterations to your journey will require an adjusted fayre.

If you or any passengers you are travelling with soil the taxi, you will be forfeit to a soiling charge of £60.00.

This is due to the high spec of the vehicle and the expert cleaning services that are required to maintain the standards of the vehicle